Can We Help You?


Without any hesitation, Numatex can help any company which calls upon our services. One way or another, Numatex can provide your company with information which will either determine the location and depth of any and every fault on your leases, determine the productive future of any of your existing wells, the effectiveness and/or improvement of your waterflood or fracking program, and most of all, the most economical locations to drill and to which formations – and where NOT to drill.

MAJOR OIL COMPANIES: Major oil companies stand to benefit from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance more than any other. You have massive financial obligations and risks by which to maintain viability, profitability, and competitiveness. While the world may believe major oil companies are greedy cash cows, the reality is that all petroleum companies exist upon a depleting resource which must be constantly replaced with new production in massive amounts. We all understand major oil companies spend billions of dollars each year on dry holes world-wide. More than any other geophysical science, NMR stands to reverse those dry hole dollars into production dollars. One NMR service call stands to provide you more information than all other geophysical services combined, leading to the highest productivity, enhanced competiveness, and maximum return to shareholders.

INDEPENDENT OPERATORS: Because Thomas J. Wiley began his petroleum career with a single investment in a single oil well, he has the heart for small operators. Many of you do not have seismic data, cannot afford expensive geophysical services, or do not know which geophysical service to rely upon for immediate success, but you also must minimize your risks to remain viable. Probably every independent operator in America is sitting on deeper reserves or bypassed oil you do not know you have. Numatex’s Kentucky wells have and continue to demonstrate that reality. Most people do not understand that 75% of the Nation’s oil production comes from wells owned and operated by smaller operators in areas where major oil companies cannot afford to operate and will never return. One NMR service call can make the difference as to whether or not you stay in business and/or grow. Your combined reserves can make the difference in America’s energy independence.

OUR SERVICES: Numatex will travel to any part of the United States or to any friendly country to perform various services by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

  1. The first service at any property is to locate the faulting which ultimately affects the geological deposition of that property, including the age rocks affected by faulting and the directions taken by the faulting. For a negotiated price, Numatex can travel to any property on land or over water for the exclusive purpose of locating the faults on a given lease, which is being required more and more by regulatory agencies in various states.
  2. As part of a working contract, Numatex will evaluate an operator’s existing oil and gas wells as to their remaining life based on NMR, reservoir quality, and their proximity to oil/water contact zones, where applicable. This evaluation will be coordinated with existing log information, straight or crooked hole information, and production facts as known to the operator.
  3. Prior to field evaluations, Numatex will request for adequate time with the client’s preferred geologist, production manager, or operator by which to review all available geological facts, drilling history, isopachs, seismics and/or logging information pertaining to the area. Once Numatex has completed its work, our service personnel will request a similar consultation to discuss our actual NMR findings, to be followed by mappings of our findings. We consider these “fore and after” meetings important for mutual understandings, local laws, and synchronization.
  4. If available, Numatex will recommend offset drilling locations in producing formations.
  5. The most advantageous service of all is to recommend infill drilling locations, deeper drilling opportunities to operators, and/or virgin wildcat drilling locations on new leases.
  6. Prior to leaving any area where service has been performed, Numatex will provide the operator a written report of evaluations and recommendations, including mapping of all NMR findings. Regardless of the price negotiated for our services, when Numatex leaves your existing oil and/or gas field or undeveloped property, you will know more about your reserves, formation conditions, and future drilling opportunities than you could ever learn from seismic or any other geophysical service for fractions of the cost. If there is anything we cannot tell you about your lease, we will concede the point. If such a point occurs, it is the goal of Numatex to eliminate the question by a continuous mastery of the science.
  7. If possible, Numatex would wish to attend any drilling activity commenced as a result of our NMR recommendations. We wish to verify our findings for constant improvements. Remember, straight hole drilling MAY be essential to hitting your target zone.
  8. Numatex will not reveal findings to a neighboring operator, but will provide the same services to a neighboring operator if invited, with appropriate compensation and confidentiality provisions.