Facts & Claims

Here are certain facts pertaining to NMR as known to science you can accept

  1. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is an absolute science – not an abstract theory. It has already won the Nobel Prize in Physics for its discoverers and researchers.
  2. NMR works under certain laws responsive to atoms and their electrons.
  3. NMR sends its signals by radio frequency at the speed of light. Just like tuning in a radio or television signal, the receptionist receives only the signals being sent.
  4. Whereas geology is the study of the rocks and their environs, NMR is a physical science related strictly to magnetic molecules. One is apples; the other is oranges. NO PHYSICIST OR ANY DOCTOR WILL DISPUTE THE POWERS OF NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE, so why should anyone within the petroleum industry?

Here are Numatex’s claims for NMR adaptation for locating and evaluating oil and gas zones

  1. Because NMR is an absolute science, Numatex’s claim for discovery is based on a micro-frequency approach to every oil reservoir on a homogeneous basis. Just like tuning in to a radio or television station without interference from myriads of other signals, by tuning in to the combination of molecular compounds within the earth, we receive their signals on a frequency by frequency basis without confusion or interference.
  2. Absence of any NMR radio frequency insures the absolute lack of any oil or gas at the targeted location. When the radio or TV signal is off, no program will be received; where no signal is emitted from the ground, no oil or gas will be present in the targeted zones.
  3. All Numatex NMR readings and interpretations are based upon the scientific laws pertaining to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Those laws govern our activity exclusively. We do not engage in any other geophysical practice.
  4. The most basic magnetic atom on Earth and in the ground is hydrogen, with only one electron. That electron is in a constant spinning motion, creating a magnetic field which will “resonate” with another single hydrogen atom. A single atom of hydrogen will not identify water. It takes two atoms of hydrogen bonded with one atom of oxygen to create one molecule of water. A single water molecule contains two hydrogen electrons in constant motion, generating a magnetic field which “resonates” with other water molecules in polarity. A water molecule will NOT “resonate” with oil or gas, because their bonded combinations of molecules are different, each generating their own magnetic field (Larmor radio frequency). Magnetic resonance for either oil at any level or gas requires a like radio (Larmor) frequency as combined in the earth, just like a radio or TV frequency. Oil compounds are so varied and complex their frequencies become highly responsive to “resonance” activity as defined by the laws of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. We at Numatex claim to have learned how to anticipate, observe, and interpret NMR activity at targeted locations and to targeted depths.
  5. Just as radio and TV signals can travel through obstacles into their receivers in a building, automobile, airplane, ship, or spacecraft, NMR signals are not impeded by any earthly obstruction. NMR frequencies can be easily received from any depth when properly tuned. Numatex has tested for oil as deep as 17,000 feet in Texas, 30,000 feet in Wyoming, and over 1,000 feet of ocean water without any impediment.
  6. NMR does not read the rocks which geologists study; NMR reads the earth’s hydrogen compounds. We call them “nuclear fingerprints,” because, like human fingerprints, they can and MUST be matched to form proper identification. Other elements and compounds can likewise be read when properly tuned and “fingerprinted.” Those elements or compounds may be found within the rocks geologists study, but they are not the focus of Numatex’s NMR tests. Therefore, geologists and Numatex are looking at two different things.
  7. NMR responses are measurable and subject to correct interpretation. As founder and president, Thomas J. Wiley’s and Numatex’s twenty years of research in this regard are the subjects of our pending patent.
  8. It is important to note that good NMR interpretation works hand in hand with good geology. NMR is the most advanced interpretive tool available to the geologist in the search for oil and gas. In our opinion, based on the limitless capabilities of NMR, it will be the last frontier and most advanced technology ever to be available to mankind in the search for oil and gas. Just as NMR was eventually embraced by medical science to provide the most accurate outside view of the human body’s internal magnetic atoms and molecules, so will the petroleum industry learn to embrace this magnificent science for the most successful and cost-effective exploration for both the increase in profit and decrease in loss. We are talking trillions, which is why Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is “The Most Important Energy Discovery Since E=MC².